slava zaitsev.

like most little russian girls overseas and at home, i'm wildly anticipating the russian fashion week fw2010/11 which showcases not only many of russia's beloved designers, but also announcing my homeland's magnificent return to its rich and affluent past. yet there's one designer in particular who's creations never cease to leave me stunned, intrigued and inspired. none other than russia's dear own, slava zaitsev.

perhaps many prefer the violent cuts of the modern androgynous silhouette, but personally its the intoxicating cocktail of femininity and old world that wins me over. the opulence, the eccentricity, the glamour, the boldness of his pieces put me into a state of childish giddiness. a taste of the modern disowned aristocrat in her own fairy tale of expensive cars, synthetic techno and happy meals with stolichnaya.  

i'm in love.

google, couture.ru.


velvet kingdom said...

These are so beautiful! You've got good taste, ahah.

Snackapeek. said...

I always say he should do Lady Gaga's wardrobe :)
and yes, I'm russian.

J. said...

So rich looking! I love how she uses and combines patterns, beautiful!

Couture said...

The second outfit is amazing!

ps: great blog!