two years of sweet and sour.

[ spring floral dress thrifted, knee high socks h&m, nude tights f21 and red mary janes thrifted ]

Whenever V and I tell anyone that our anniversary date is 4/20, we always end up getting insane high-fives from the stoners and girlish "awww's" from the romantics. But what most don't know is despite adopting California and all of its majestic vegetables and herbs, we actually are more inclined toward brandy, white wine and butter. But yes it was what traditionalists would state as our two year anniversary. Dear holy deities, two freakin' years of a Grimm fairy tale with a pinch of Shrek and a dash of Love Actually. It's true love.

We honestly don't believe in celebrating anniversary's for just that one "special" day. Couples should strive to make every moment, whether its just another boring day or your 5th anniversary, to be breathtakingly meaningful [ teenage angst poet speaking here now]. We ended up grabbing 5 [liters] of cheap yet effective Chardonnay, tons of chedder/Swiss cheese, ricotta-stuffed shells, black cherry ice cream and watching our old videos/photographs/memories til we passed out [uncomfortably] in each others' arms. 

Of course, we ended up annoying each other with snores, bathroom breaks, habitual tossing and unbearable churning that'll make anyone dream of their own loving rendition of SAW. 


Daphne said...

This description is very romantic to me, but I'm also a little eccentric in my love affairs. (And I am celebrating my 5 year anniversary with my man this summer!)

J. said...

Happy anniversary! It sounds like it was meaningful and you enjoyed it!


i like the dress. so sexy ;)


Mumbles said...

it looks like a rumper, it's so nice, I like the colours, very vintage
hope you're having a nice weekend

marley mumbles