a russian with a chinadoll.

[ victorian chinaware mini thrifted, nude tights h&m, rings ebay, straw sunhat thrifted ]

As I had posted before, I'm a true Kubanskaya Russian at heart when it comes to seasons. I'm obsessed with rain. Seattle may actually become our next home simply because of the cold rainy climate. But due to V's pleading that I don't always dress like a displaced Russian or a high school goth, I forced myself to throw one something that definitely has more definition of spring than any other preferred item in my closet. 

As a child, my Mama had always collected dishes of all sorts. Czech, Chinese, Russian...you name it. I've just always been fascinated with the delicate print and design of antique dishware, simply because I've always been a klutz and well that says it all. I fell in love with this dress instantly because of the delicate detail print and sheer sleeves. Ended up pairing it with a thrifted sunhat, nude tights and beige platforms. For a "psychological" goth, this was quite a venture that I'm glad I tried on.


Couture said...

Lovely look!

Daphne said...

This looks amazing on you. You are so stunning it's really ridiculous. I'm mad about that little dress.

J. said...

So pretty! I've always been fascinated with that blue china print! Who would have thought that it even looks better as a dress!