she's so plaid.

vintage tent dress (ebay), straw jaguar bag (gift from v) and beige granny boots (thrifted).

i am not a salad person and it sadly shows hahaha. but due to my latest promise to (slowly and silently) eliminate my thigh-fattening passions and replace them with a healthier menu instead of diving headfirst on the 'white girl diet'. so far i've forced myself to munch on a basic salad from safeway but i somewhat failed and added garlic croutons. agh i know i know! but alas we all need a little bit of cellulite in our step and i've got tons to flaunt.

oh and yes must have my strawberry wild smoothie. i was a jamba girl for the better part of my high school years. somehow i still can't get the sound of whirling blenders and the scent of 'boosters' outta my system.


raita 2 said...

beautiful pictures! :) is that you?


J. said...

I know what you mean about salads! I really eat poorly and it has finally caught up with me!

I love this look, especially with the boots! Where did you find yours...the color is so nice!

Daphne said...

Drop dead gorgeous! Can't get over it.

The Queen of Hearts said...

I don't know if these images have been altered but whatever is happening in them is totally working. I love the saturation in some and the softness of others.