sequins and piercings.

[ 80's sequin tent mini thrifted, black tights random, fringe booties f21, sparkly hoops f21 ]

Despite being a madwoman on a sewing spree today, I wasn't able to get a second for an outfit shot. So I ended up rampaging through my old photographs from last winter and viola! Though most 80's sequin dresses tent to be either mother-in-law long or RuPaul's next sexy showcase, I instantly fell in love with this sequined mini. Not only does it have a unique deco-inspired sequins, its also a relaxed tent shape because honestly when you just want to dance and not worried about your ladies popping out...it's a dream come true.

And dammit...I'm insanely temped to get my snakebites done again. I loved mine to death but parted because they were incorrectly pierced and still hurt like hell after 1.5 years. But the debate is should I prove that one can be 20-something and rock 'em or should I leave 'em for the Hot Topic tots?


Daphne said...

That is an amazing dress. I would buy that in a second if i found it in a thrift shop. I just bought a beaded long ass granny dress today which i plan to chop to that very length!!! you look great. and i've never liked those piercings on anyone before (I'm a tattoo girl) but on you they look amazing. I don't think anything in your lips' vicinity could possibly look bad. haha.

Couture said...

Great dress!

Sutton said...

what a fun dress, i love old sequined goodies!

have a great weekend.

Eyeliah said...

oh the lip rings are pretty hot, I was only ever brave enough to do my navel and I've had a hideous scar ever since :-( These piercers need better training or what?

SabinePsynopsis said...

Love the dress but please don't pierce the lips again. I've just seen a really badly scarred lip.

leblogdemok said...

I Love this dress !! i love your blog too !!

Pixie Dust said...

I love the dress and the shoes as well! :))
If you have the time, feel free to come around and check out my blog :)) And of course, comments and follows more than welcome - but that is up to you :)))

Have a wonderful day! <3

Snackapeek. said...

Gorgeous as always Mis Karenina

Angie said...

Amazing dress...:)))



Snackapeek. said...

Hello fabulous, where did you go?

fashionjunkie said...

I LOVE that dress! It's so perfect, everything you need in a LBD. Weirdly, though i am not usually a piercing fan, i think you really suit the snakebites.


SovietCity said...

Great dress, I love your blog.

Nice photos.


Rafa said...

Wow! You are stunning! What a total doll!!