spring fever.

though i prefer the dark and gloomy overcast of winter, there's just something about spring. whether its the thick cloud of chokingly thick pollen, the nonstop chirping of dateless birdies, the cellulite playing peek-a-boo with my shorter hemlines or perhaps the daily battle at the pharmacy line over alcohol or allergy pills. needless to say alcohol wins. but so can you. 

we've added tons more inventory to RED SQUARE VINTAGE that'll make anyone ready for this spring. with everything from wild ethnic designs, intricate embroidery, insane floral prints, summery babydolls and the classic black cocktail minis.  better yet - we've also included a wide variety of sizes from the enviously thin to the curvy gals (like myself) and every doll in between. remember all dresses start UNDER $20!


Snackapeek. said...

You are pretty, great style!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

i love your shop! you are gorgeous and have beautiful photos for your garments! the lighting is amazing

thanks for following my blog! excited to be following yours, too :)