nomadic nostalgia.

 having two bohemian dreamers for parents, my brothers and i had spent our childhood on the road. i never understood how people could live in one house, town, city, or country all their lives. for me every few months there were new suitcases, fresh gas station maps and a glint of poetic romanticism in my father's hazel eyes. we traveled from the ice cold pacific to the warm atlantic without any ties or boundaries. at times i furiously loathed having no roots or ties one would with a real home as defined in the movies and literature. yet somehow i am still seduced by the freedom that my ancestors of the steppes embraced. to roam the urban concrete jungle, the suburban plywood forests, the empty countryside deserts. 

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Robbin said...

thanks for visiting/adding my blog!

sorry i cannot stand bloody/violent films haha, but i'm not the one for super lovey dovey ones either. i don't know, there are so many genres, there is still so much about film i have yet to learn!

p.s. besides english, i speak spanish, portuguese, and korean =)

p.p.s. these are really lovely photos

- Robbin

Baron-Münchhausen said...

Интересная фотография Фонтанки.

Jolly Josi said...

These pictures are magical.